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    This page tracks all of the related projects in the Immunizations space.


    2.VistA Evolution Immunizations (VIMM)
    2a. Product Effectiveness Review of VIMM
    3.Meaningful Use Certification for VistA within VA
    3a. Note: Any CCDA’s received through VLER Health must use CVX codes
    4.Mobile Application Development
    5.VA Kiosk Projects
    6.CDC: VA participation with [state] immunization registries and other IIS - Immunization Information Systems
    7.CDC: Use of 2D barcodes for automated capture of immunization data elements
    8.Private Sector Pharmacies: Interoperability with VA for Veterans receiving immunizations at the community pharmacy
    9.VA Documentation Standards Review
    10. Information Exchange (IE) - offshoot of what was VA/DoD iEHR
    11. Retail pharmacy methods for transmission to state registries
    12. iEHR Data Federation Accelerators.
    13. V-CAMP (Business Logic Mapping from within the MUMPS code)
    14. Development of a Composite performance measure for adult immunizations (HHS)
    15. Office of Public Health and PCS/Infectious Diseases role in HAIISS biosurveillance and data sharing with IIS.
    16. Patient Generated (Self-Reported) Immunization Data
    17. Immunization Cost Model

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