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    Our philosophy is that information used by Research and Education should only need to be entered once and staff should be better able to attend to more important tasks while an automated system assists with information entry, reminders, and evaluation. Internal web access capabilities should be available to let designated personnel and administrative staff view and monitor appropriate details and overviews. We will test solutions to achieve these goals for R&D publications, grant submissions, chemical inventories, research specific training and compliances, etc., with consistent applications that are easy to amend and maintain.

    Problem Statement

    Proper conduct of Research and Education activities requires investigators and other personnel to complete and maintain currency with a variety of tasks that are addressed with many different systems that do not interact. This places a significant workload on participating staff and office personnel to repetitively monitor, remind, and confirm completion of required actions. Additionally, with divergent systems in play, it is difficult to obtain overviews of important program information.


    Develop a system to monitor selected Research and Education activities, facilitate information entry avoiding duplication, block incorrect entries, automatically generate reminders to appropriate personnel, alert staff and offices to potential problems, and convey summaries and details as needed.


    The system should reduce staff time required, increase accuracy, and provide important perspectives of key activities in Research and in Education. See Actions, Progress, and Resolutions.

    Technical Approach

    The applications will be based on a powerful and easily adjusted relational system, with a user friendly interface, FileMaker Pro.

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