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    Health for Life: A Platform for Personalized, Proactive, Patient-Driven Care

    Health for Life is a national campaign that supports the Veterans Health Administration’s No. 1 strategic priority: to provide personalized, proactive, patient-driven health care to our Veterans. The transformational initiative raises awareness of evidence-based care practices that put Veterans at the center of their care; engages directly with practitioners, clinicians, and staff who are in a position to bring patient centered care to their facilities; and empowers patients to take an active role as champions of their own care.

    Health for Life’s community engagement platform (CEP)—http://healthforlife.vacloud.us—represents an innovative step forward in online engagement, creating a vehicle for communicating best practices through top-down and crowd-sourced information architecture. The platform communicates the vision and story of Health for Life, and facilitates active participation in Health for Life by opening communication channels and providing a coordinated suite of resources to bring patient centered care to facilities across VHA. Using an agile and responsive online platform, the Office of Patient Centered Care and Cultural Transformation provides tailored information to support transformational efforts at the local and national levels to provide exceptional health care that improves the patient’s health and well-being.

    For more information see the innovation Overview which includes this abstract, the problem statement and the innovative solution.

    Innovation Leaders

    VHA Office of Patient Centered Care and Cultural Transformation
    Tracy Gaudet, M.D., Director

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