Develop an iOS application for iPad and iPod Touch that will help Veterans integrate their healthcare information, take an active role in their healthcare, and support their healthcare.

    This system will also serve as a prototype model for future enterprise architecture if the prototype proves successful and is promoted to Class 2 upon its 12-month development cycle as Class 3 prototype.

    The requirement is to purchase, four (4) iPad 2 64GB with Wi-Fi iPads, ten (10) 16GB with Wi-Fi iPads, twenty-eight (28) 8GB iPod Touch devices that will be programmed with the prototype application for Innovation #5003, MDACS (Mobile Device Application for Clinical Support,”

    Each MDACS SMD (Smart Medical Device) will interface with the VHA Innovation Sandbox outside of the VA firewall. A future, Enterprise, solution could put smart devices, such as these, in the hands of many Veterans and allow for real time correspondence between the Veteran and his or her Physician, in support of their own healthcare.

    The specific brand name is required for the Mac OS X and Mac iOS, as the innovation is to develop a mobile application solution, for clinical support, using Apple Devices.

    Problem Statement



    Technical Approach


    NSR - NSRNumberGoesHere - [NSRNameGoesHere]

    NSR 20080406 SampleLink, Replace NSR number and this text after NSR number with the Innovator's NSR info


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