Blue Button Extensions: Medical Imaging: 10


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A VAi2 Blue Button Medical Imaging interactive prototype using VA-authorized sample data to demonstrate the extended Blue Button medical imaging features of MyHealtheVet (MHV) in two (2) incremental stages:

  1. A single use-case solution to demonstrate a simple and intuitive processes for the Veteran to interact with VA for selecting and downloading chest x-ray low-resolution reference images utilizing the MyHealtheVet web portal. The solution provides the Veteran the functionality to access, view, and download these medical images to a local or external storage medium (e.g. USB).
  2. Building upon stage 1 to provide a full-capability solution which will demonstrate the Veteran’s capability to select and securely share their VA chest x-ray images and accompanying radiology reports with external caregivers via e-mail through the MHV direct secure messaging service.
For more information see the innovation Overview which includes this abstract, the problem statement and the innovative solution.

For up-to-date Sprint progress, please navigate here.

Innovation Leaders

Innovation Coordinator
Kevin DeOrsey,
Project Team Main Contacts
Project Manager - Kim Cirka,
Project Analyst - Kathleen Keating,